Summary of the Israeli Agriculture Delegation to South Korea

The greatest International Agriculture and Food Exhibition in South Korea, Agrex & Food Korea, 2014, has ended about two weeks ago. A delegation of 8 Israeli companies, organized and accompanied by KOISRA, participated and exhibited in the area allocated for the Israeli companies.

The Exhibition took place for the fourth time in the Southern city Jinju and lasted 5 days between November 5th and November 9th. This year the exhibition was officially defined as Expo, due to the participation of firms and organizations from foreign countries, in addition to Korea, such as: Czech, Mongolia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and of course, Israel. The Czech delegation was headed by the Czech Minister of Agriculture. The Expo was divided into eight halls, while the total number of booths was 700, out of which about a 100 were foreign country exhibitors.

The Israeli companies which were invited to the exhibition were all leading companies in their realm, some of them were senior companies and others -startups. 8 Israeli companies have realized the unique opportunity and decided to take part of the Expo in South Korea:

  • Smart Feed Solution – the company deals with development and manufacture of cattle food, in the cattle and milk industries.
  • Growing Smart – the company specializes in counselling, entrepreneurship and execution of complex agricultural projects.
  • Dorot Control Valves – the company manufactures gate valves for the water and agriculture industries.
  • Gat Fertilizers – the company specializes in manufacturing of liquid and solid fertilizers for agricultural products.
  • Aqua Maof – the company specializes in solutions for fish rearing and nurturing for food production, at sea and on land.
  • BotanoCap – the company specializes in manufacturing and developing organic pesticides for agriculture.
  • Catalyst-AgTech- the company specializes in manufacturing and developing insecticides for agricultural products, which include a self-neutralization mechanism designated for preventing a future contamination of the land.
  • Adama – the company deals with developing and manufacturing products for protection of agricultural products such as fungicides, weeds and insects.

That was the first time that an Israeli delegation was invited to participate in an agriculture exhibition in South Korea. The invitation and the unique benefits package were delivered by KOISRA, together with the mayor of Jinju and the county governor, who acknowledged the added value of inviting Israeli companies, with their reputation as being among the leading companies in their realms, in the world.

In order to use this unique invitation as a lever and to further the interests of the Israeli agriculture industry, three individuals were invited to the exhibition: the general attaché of Israel in Korea, Mr. Shay Feiler, the head of The Bi-National Fund for Industrial Research and Development between Israel and Korea (KORIL-RDF), Ms. Deborah Schabes, and the Vice President of the Volcanic Institute, Prof. Sheenan Harpaz. The three took part of the opening event of the Expo and the ribbon cutting ceremony, together with other honored guests from other countries, and then visited the exhibitors' booths and met with the Korean government representatives, among others.

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